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ORPHEUS" is file transport, streamer/music server. Our goal was to design a digital source for people who require uncompromising sound quality. After many tests, we can safely say that a very efficient PC system can achieve this goal. We've integrated our file transport with the best music management and playback software, Roon Labs.


Roon Labs is a program to manage the library of our files, play with Tidal, Qobuz. A very good music player for music lovers.

 As with any audio device, the basis is a very good power supply. We used a 180W Linear Low Noise Power Supply. 

Thanks to this approach and full integration with Roon Labs software, we have received a receiver-friendly streamer with unparalleled digital file playback quality. 


For those who want to take even more care of the digital source we offer an extended power supply system for devices cooperating with Orpheus (including router, switch, DAC).


-I2S (32/192 PCM with optional clock output) 
-SPDIF (24/192, COAX, BNC, AES/EBU with optional clock output)
-USB (PCM and DSD to DSD512 with optional clock output)




- Aluminium housing with passive cooling made especially for the streamer. 

-Pasively cooled power supply and processor, cooling system with heat pipes for the processor, no moving parts. 

- Separate line power supply for CPU, motherboard, SSD, clocks and digital output cards.



  • Components ATX Mini motherboard with optimized BIOS settings.
  • 4-core processor, passive cooling with heat pipe cooling, no fans, moving parts inside DDR4 2x4GB RAM (2x8GB option)
  • 250GB SSD M. 2 for operating system and playback software, additional 500GB music storage capacity up to 8TB SSD (extra charge).

Software -Windows 10 Pro 64bit (with optimized settings). 

-Roon Core server.
-Roon. license included in the price of the device) 
-HQ Player high quality multi-channel audio player (PCM and DSD). (additionally paid) Cooperation with Spotify, Amazon Music, Tidal, Google Play, Deezer, Apple Music, IDAGIO. 
- Professional remote user support. - Guarantee door to door.